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Lafaye - School of Seven Bells

You are a chain of indecision...

School of Seven Bells
American indie rock/dream pop band from New York City, consisting of Benjamin Curtis and Alejandra Deheza.


You broke into the fabric house of stranger Lafaye
And there your heart was taken from you.
You have the blood of intuition
With a name that branded you
And the familiar, unfamiliar
Would be the only thing you knew

Lafaye, la laa, Lafaye (x2)

Your birth became a place to sing and relive again
And every death a love to choose,
A one to lose.
You are a chain of indecision
Into a cloud that followed you
And with a ? with no measure
You brought a sun to guide you through

Lafaye, la laa, Lafaye (x2)


Lafaye, la laa, Lafaye (x2)

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